4 Business Skills to Take with You from Your Corporate Job to Franchising

Are you growing tired of your corporate job? If so, our office franchise opportunity might be just what you need to revitalize your career. The best part of starting a coworking business with Venture X is that we can show you the ropes: you don’t need to come into the business with experience in hospitality, business ownership, or coworking spaces. However, if you’re a current or former executive, there are likely many skills you’ve developed that could be useful in a Venture X franchise. Read on to learn about a few of them. 

#1. Leadership

If you have experience leading a department, or even a few employees within your department, those skills will likely come in handy with the Venture X office franchise opportunity. As the franchise owner, you’ll be responsible for mastering our business model and operational procedures. After you’ve done so, you’ll delegate responsibilities to your team of trusted staff who you’ll rely on to keep your coworking space running smoothly. Ultimately, it will be up to you how hands-on you’d like to be in the operation of your Venture X franchise. You can choose to be there every day managing things yourself or to allow your employees to take care of the details for you. Whichever role you choose, your leadership skills will be utilized.

#2. Insight into Customer Demands

Having experience working in a corporate setting, you’ll likely have insight into the tools and resources your customers would find most useful. The Venture X team prides ourselves on offering the best of the best to our customers: smart conference rooms, high-end furnishings, and printing and mailing centers are just a few examples. As you set up your new location, your first-hand experience will likely come in handy as you decide on the layout and the full suite of services you’ll offer. 

#3. Goal-Setting

When you invest in our office franchise opportunity, you can look forward to working with a team of experts that’s dedicated to helping your location thrive. We’ll work with you to set goals for growth, and we’ll provide you with meaningful steps to help you achieve them. Goal-setting is an important practice in the corporate world, and if you already have experience setting and reaching goals, you’ll be one step ahead. IF you apply the same diligence and passion to achieve your goals with Venture X that you did to achieve your goals in the corporate world, you’ll be well on your way to thriving in the coworking industry. 

#4. Organization

Great organization is key in the corporate world just as it is when running your own business. A great perk to our office franchise opportunity is that we’ve already developed a number of systems to simplify the processes of record-keeping and communication. If you’re used to staying on top of multiple workflows, you’ve already mastered an important skill necessary for running a Venture X franchise. 

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