A Unique Opportunity for Hoteliers: Invest in a Business Workspace Franchise

At Venture X, we provide premium, professional business workspaces across North America and the world, which include concierge-level staffing, services, amenities, modern, attractive facilities, and flexible options—a concept that we share with hotels in particular and the hospitality industry in general.

According to Michael White, the President of Venture X, flexible workspace franchising is very similar to hotel franchising. This is because both sectors rely heavily on commercial real estate, and franchisees in both industries see the attraction in shifting away from real estate debt.

Given the similarities between hotel and coworking space franchising, we have seen that many hotel owners value the investment opportunities provided by franchise partnerships with coworking space franchises.

According to recent research, 41% of workspace users expect to increase their use of flex space as part of a post-pandemic work strategy. Coworking is bouncing back, and the future of flexible space is getting stronger with each passing month. Indeed, many business owners now realize that flexibility is the greatest amenity in times of uncertainty.

Venture X offers modern, open-floor, shared workspaces based on a subscription model. Our locations come fully equipped with cutting-edge technology like smart conference rooms and are within reach of significant metro and suburban areas.

Our reputation as the leading shared workspace company and your prestige within the hotel industry provides the leverage needed to expand your market share and pivot toward a sector that is growing toward new heights.

Franchise provides opportunities for hoteliers

A Business Model for the 21st Century

At Venture X, we understand that coworking and flexible workspace opportunities are the future of business real estate. Venture X has been at the cusp of the industry since we were founded in 2012, providing high-end office spaces with a boutique design and thoughtful interiors that feature modern furnishings. Our standout amenities are the perfect solution for individuals, teams, remote groups, and enterprise businesses.

We’re an industry leader specializing in professional multi-unit business workspaces, with a model that helps to foster engagement and encourages – and creates – networking opportunities. As more businesses adopt a hybrid work model, along with the increase in freelance and self-employed individuals, the need for a versatile workspace has become a primary focus for today’s professionals. Businesses are now looking to scale back on overhead while providing a workspace for individuals interested in honing their craft in a professional environment.

Investing in franchise partnership opportunities with Venture X is a calculated maneuver that can be based on five foundational principles that underscore the advantages of becoming a franchise partner. These are advantages that many investors in the hotel industry have come to know and value.

A Familiar Model That Expands Your Reach

The shared workspace industry is growing exponentially. And we’re leading the way! In early May 2022, United Franchise Group (UFG) — the parent company of Venture X — and former competitor Office Evolution announced a strategic merger that will transform the coworking industry at a time when coworking spaces have become more favored and accepted within the business community.

The result is CoworksTM.

Coworks is a groundbreaking concept that brings Venture X and Office Evolution under one umbrella brand. This merger now makes Coworks the largest independent franchisor globally and positions us to dominate our industry, giving us the reach to expand into new markets like never before.

Coworks is a true pioneer in the industry. This union creates a scalable synergy that increases our market share. As the first conglomerate of shared coworking brands, we’ve created a model that others will undoubtedly attempt to replicate as coworking spaces quickly become the preferred standard in business real estate.

Ironically, the Coworks model parallels a strategy once seen in the hotel industry almost a quarter of a century ago. Amidst the rise of independent and boutique hotels, the larger chains capitalized on their opportunity to add hotels with “personality.” Similarly, Venture X seeks to expand our footprint by partnering with hoteliers to help increase your value as well as ours.

Getting In On the Ground Floor – Figuratively Speaking

By 2030, the shared workspace sector is projected to represent 30% of office real estate. Hotel operators are well-positioned to capitalize on this growing trend that can increase profits. Venture X is structured to meet our clients at the intersection of business and community—with ethical, socially conscious, and environmentally sustainable measures as a few of our guiding principles.

Investing in a Venture X business workspace provides an opportunity to tap into an industry that is driving future coworking trends.

As the business world migrates away from dedicated office buildings toward more streamlined and flexible accommodations, the coworking model is an appealing option for a growing number of professionals. With a virtual office option, we can also provide your clients and guests with an unmatched experience that, quite literally, gets the job done!

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