4 Things to Look for in a Good Location for Your Franchise

Are you thinking of opening a co-working franchise with Venture X? If so, choosing a great location is key. Fortunately, part of the start-up support you’ll receive when you become a Venture X franchisee is site selection. Still, as you’re considering this exciting business opportunity, keep these criteria in mind while you’re considering a Venture X co-working franchise in your community.

#1. Centrally Located

A good Venture X co-working franchise should be centrally-located, and easily accessible to those who take public transit or drive to work. Along these lines, having a parking lot nearby is also important. Since Venture X caters to all types of freelancers and entrepreneurs, it’s important that the location be central for their convenience. Urban and suburban hubs are great options due to their prime locations adjacent to other businesses.

co-working franchise Venture X

#2. Large Enough to Suit Your Clients’ Needs

A key feature of Venture X co-working spaces is that we offer a range of workspaces to our clients. Whether it’s a shared desk in a common area or a dedicated office, our clients all have different needs when it comes to their jobs. It’s important that the location you choose be well-suited to a variety of different workspaces, allowing you plenty of space to build up different work areas. Furthermore, Venture X is well-known because of our amenities such as cafes and areas to relax. Be sure your building is spacious enough to account for all of these features.

#3. Room for High Design

Another feature Venture X is famous for is the inspired design we utilize in all of our co-working spaces. Unlike the boring white offices of the past, Venture X strives to create an environment were creativity and collaboration are fostered. Modern art, comfortable lighting, and innovative interior design are just a few ways we work towards creating spaces that make work fun. When you choose a location, see if you can envision the Venture X style at work in the space. Don’t worry, our interior design experts will help you to make your vision a reality.

#4. A Clean, Safe Neighborhood

Choose a neighborhood that your clients will be comfortable going to work in, day or night. Take into consideration the other businesses around and the clientele they attract. Consider how well a co-working space will fit in in the neighborhood you’ve selected.

These are just a few points to keep in mind when you start a co-working franchise with Venture X. Contact us today to learn more about how we support our franchisees as they find just the right location for their new business!

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