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Brazilian Commercial Property with Venture X

If you’re looking into potential business opportunities in Brazil, Venture X has something for you. Our coworking space franchise brand has seen explosive demand, and now we have facilities open across the globe. Our research and development team is always searching for new regions we should expand to, and we see a prime opportunity in Brazil. Take some time to learn more about our business office investment model.


About Our Business Opportunities to Brazil

According to CNBC, Brazil is the third-best country for freelancers in the entire world based on year-over-year revenue growth. A significant reason for this growth is the abundance of Brazilian freelancers who do work for businesses outside of the country, which means those workers typically find themselves in home offices or nearby cafes.

As freelancing in Brazil proves to be a stable source of annual income, we believe the growth of freelancers in big cities like  Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, and Brasilia will only continue to skyrocket. Those professionals will need an office at a moment’s notice, and Venture X can certainly accommodate their needs.

We see a lot of different kinds of workers walk through our doors, but freelancers have climbed up that list as one of the top demographics we serve. Our coworking space is also perfect for companies that might not have a traditional office building who are looking for a flexible coworking option. Whether you’re a large team or a freelancer just looking for a private office when you need it, Venture X is the answer.

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Venture X Brazilian Coworking Opportunities

Franchising is an enormously exciting way to start your own business, especially when you choose the right franchisor. Venture X has expanded rapidly over the last several years within the United States and around the globe.

Our opportunity has stood out from other coworking brands because we go to great lengths to support our Master License Partners. While they bring local market and culture knowledge, we bring our formula for franchise success. We invest time and effort into helping them develop their flagship location, including thorough training from an operations, sales and marketing perspective.


Once the flagship location is off the ground the opportunity for additional revenue streams presents itself in the form of selling franchises and earning ongoing royalties. We know the Venture X flexible office space investment model has far more to offer than of our competitors – so what are you waiting for?


If you’re interested in learning more about our Brazilian commercial property opportunities, feel free to reach out to a member of our team today!