Venture X

Business Opportunities in Victoria

If you want to start a business in Victoria, you have plenty of options to choose from, but you should invest your time and money wisely. Business ownership can get tricky, especially if you have no previous experience to understand the best steps.

Venture X will help you find a great commercial property in Melbourne, or any of Victoria’s other nearby cities, and build the business of your dreams without starting alone. Today, we want to give you some more information about our coworking Master License Partnership investment and shine some light on an incredible opportunity that is the perfect fit for you market.


What is Franchising? Who is Venture X?

The first stages for starting a new business are typically the most time-consuming. You’ll have to come up with a product or service, a fool-proof business plan, effective ways to market your new brand, and so much more.

Investing in a Melbourne commercial property coworking franchise with Venture X is an excellent way for you to skip all of those steps and get you to your grand opening much faster. Venture X Master License Partners are outside investors who buy into a brand and are granted the right to sell their service under an established business model.

Venture X is a leader in creating flexible coworking facilities that feature versatile event rooms, inviting common areas, and modern office spaces. Our brand is growing expeditiously, and we have started to see increasing interest across the globe for what our concept has to offer. Our Master License Partners have made all of that possible — they are brought through a comprehensive training program and receive guidance and best practices in areas such as operations, marketing, sales, and so forth.. Franchising with Venture X is a collaborative startup experience with expert consultation that you can’t find anywhere else.

The Possibilities of Our Business Office Investment Model in Victoria

One of the most popular demographics for recurring Venture X members has been freelancers looking for a fully-functioning office environment. Independent employment has become far more popular since the start of COVID-19, and experts say that won’t change anytime soon. Freelancers enjoy the perks of working from anywhere and have far more freedom over their schedule — it’s no wonder that around 3.15 million Australians are contract or freelance employees.  With those numbers rising steadily, we believe this could be the perfect time to open up international commercial investments in Melbourne or any other busy corporate hubs in Australia.

Are you interested in our business opportunities in Victoria? Would you like to learn more about our Australian coworking opportunities? Feel free to contact a member of our team today.