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If you’re looking for your next business opportunity in Queensland, consider Venture X. We’re a coworking space franchise, which means we give professionals a great place to work on flexible terms that beat out traditional office space businesses. Our members can decide which services they’d like – whether they need their workspace every day or just a few days per week, a private office or a shared space – and are free to change things up as their business needs evolve. This model has proven itself to be wildly popular in the U.S. and around the world. Now, we’re ready to take our unique business office investment model to Queensland.

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A Standout Commercial Investment in Queensland

Now is an excellent time to invest in a Queensland commercial property with Venture X because there’s a strong demand for our services.

For one thing, the number of freelancers in Australia indicates that there’s a need for flexible workspaces. Freelancers love Venture X because we offer unparalleled flexibility. They’re able to get the professional workspace they need without costly long-term leases. About a third of the Australian economy was made up of freelancers back in 2015 – that’s over 4 million people! The number of freelancers continues to grow throughout the world, so there’s every reason to believe that they’ll also continue to increase in Australia.

Of course, freelancers aren’t our only customers at Venture X. We’re also favorites among startup and corporate teams. These groups love that Venture X provides an elevated work experience, a cut above what they can find at a traditional office building, and with far less hassle. Brisbane is home to many large companies, all of which are great prospective Venture X members.

The demographics in Queensland are perfect for a new coworking space, but why should you choose Venture X?

We’ll Help You Leverage Australian Coworking Opportunities

If you’re ready to break into the booming coworking industry, don’t go it alone or put yourself in another franchisor’s hands. Venture X has developed a proven system that’s shown itself to be effective in dozens of locations worldwide. We know how to build and create coworking spaces where people want to do business. We can walk you through every step in the process towards getting yours up and running.

We want our Master License Partners to succeed, so we invest our own time and capital into their locations. When you contact us, ask us to give you a breakdown of the support you can look forward to as a Venture X owner. A few examples include:

  • Comprehensive training on our business model
  • Real estate guidance
  • Marketing, Sales and Operational best practices

We think you’ll find that with Venture X, you get far more than our competitors have to offer or that you could get on your own.

Contact Venture X today to learn more about why Queensland has significant potential for our next location.