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If you’re looking for your next business investment, consider a Northern Territory commercial property. Venture X is a business office investment model from the U.S.  that has already achieved a global presence. People everywhere are looking for flexible and comfortable workspaces, and we provide them multiple options to fit their needs. Since many of our members sign up to use our workspaces on a part time basis, our franchisees can leverage their available space many times over. Learn more about Venture X and why we’re a perfect fit for the Northern Territory.

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About Australian Coworking Opportunities

About a third of the Australian economy was made up of freelancers by 2015 – that’s over 4 million people! As the number of freelancers grows throughout the world, there’s every reason to believe that they’ll also continue to increase in Australia.

Our freelancers, some of our best customers, favor Venture X because they love the flexibility we can offer. There are lots of great reasons for freelancers to work in a commercial office space (such as having a business address, a place to take meetings, resources like mailbox services and printing), but they don’t want to be nailed down by costly long-term leases. At Venture X, they’re free to switch up their plan on a monthly basis as their business grows. Whether they need a private office one month and an open workspace the next, they never need to pay for services they aren’t using.

Of course, freelancers aren’t our only customers. Corporate and startup teams also love the flexibility we have to offer and that their membership comes with everything they need to run their business, from high-speed internet to high-end furnishings. The Northern Territory is home to many major companies, all of which would be great prospective Venture X members.

As you can see, there’s lots of potential for Venture X in the Northern Territory!

Why Choose Venture X?

We know you have your choice of commercial investments in Darwin, but Venture X has a lot more to offer. If you’re considering opening a business on your own, keep in mind that Venture X provides you with comprehensive support that you wouldn’t get as an independent owner. We provide all of our Master License Partners with comprehensive training, real estate guidance, and marketing, sales, and operational best practices that we have developed over the years. If your compare our system to other franchises in the Northern Territory, we think you’ll recognize that Venture X comes out on top!

Don’t wait to get started – contact Venture X today to start the process towards opening your own Northern Territory commercial property!