Community Manager Spotlight
Pleasanton, CA

Community Managers play a key role in the day-to-day operations of each Venture X location. Not only do they cater to the unique needs of every community member, but they also keep things well-organized behind the scenes so that each Venture X functions as a comfortable and collaborative space. As the Community Manager of Venture X, Pleasanton, Meagan Barker brings a unique skill set to the job. A graduate student in Human Resource Management, she brings a new perspective to the location.


As a recent college graduate who’s continuing her studies into human resources, Meagan had lots of opportunities to choose from, so why did she choose Venture X? In her own words: “The co-working industry appeals to me because you get to know, learn from, and interact with many different types of people and industries all within the same office. I love when members collaborate together and value each other’s feedback as that is the fun part of coworking!”

Collaboration is what sets Venture X apart from other coworking spaces. We design each location so that community members can choose from shared workspaces and private offices. They’re free to work in a variety of open areas, or can reserve private conference rooms as-needed. This facilitates great communication between coworkers, and even between different businesses.



Community Managers are responsible for a wide range of tasks, so their routine never gets stale. Meagan is always working on something new to improve the community experience in Pleasanton. She reflects: “My daily duties are typically never the same as it depends on what we have going on that day.” A few of the valuable tasks she performs include:

  • Networking and meeting community leaders, business owners, and prospects.
  • Giving tours
  • Curating the community
  • Helping with technical issues
  • Making introductions to existing and future members to help foster a spirit of collaboration and growth
  • Filling the calendar with relevant business and networking events here at Venture X.
  • Hiring and training

… the list goes on! As you can see, Community Managers like Meagan play a vital role in making Venture X the premiere coworking space brand.


As you can imagine, working in such a collaborative community is great fun for an avid learner like Meagan. Her role at Venture X goes hand-in-hand with her studies, helping her to learn more about the business world and the needs of today’s professionals. She’s truly passionate about using that knowledge to create the best possible coworking space for community members:

“My favorite part about being a Community Manager is interacting and getting to know each member individually, as well as the thrill of securing a deal. It is always a great day when you sell any level of membership, which makes you excited to fill the space and create the best community culture possible.”

Pleasanton members already know that Community Managers like Meagan are invaluable. Her great attitude and passion for her work show through, and she’s been an important contributor to the unique culture of our Pleasanton coworking space. If you’re in the Pleasanton area, take some time to stop by – she can give you all the details on the benefits of doing business at Venture X!

Don’t live in the Pleasanton area? Don’t let that stop you from learning more about Venture X! Community Managers like Meagan keep our communities thriving at each of our many locations. Visit us online to find the one nearest you