Your Shared Office Space Franchise Can Help Clients Grow

Coworking continues to be the way of the future. If you’re looking to invest in a superior shared office space franchise, look no further than Venture X.

We’re the premier solution for all of your client’s coworking needs, featuring high-end, upscale style and amenities that none of our competition can offer. With Venture X, your clients can simply move right in and focus on their core business without the worry of office setup and maintenance distractions. Our shared office spaces are ones clients will want to come to every day: from our flexible contracts to built-in amenities, Venture X is designed to be a home office away from home.

Remote Working Continues

As the world recovers from COVID-19, companies are transitioning back to the office, at least part-time. It’s expected that the new way of the world will continue to be a hybrid schedule with a balance between working in-office part of the time and working remotely the remainder of the time. It’s safe to say: remote working is here to stay.

Our beautiful workspace solutions are just what your clients need to help them maintain their focus on working hard while they’re away from the office, whether they’re fully remote or operating on a hybrid schedule.

Venture X appeals to a wide variety of members, including working professionals, freelancers, remote workers, and corporation teams. We lean toward a more professional aesthetic for those who want to grow their business and expand their brand while having the opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded individuals.

Around the World

With the rise of more freelancers, remote workers, and other digital nomads, we live in an age where you can work and live anywhere in the world. We have locations in many countries worldwide, and with a membership, clients can work in any Venture X shared office space.

We’re expanding as the demand for coworking spaces increases, so we expect to be in many more territories soon.

Reasons to Consider a Shared Office Space Franchise

There are plenty of reasons to consider a shared office space franchise. Venture X makes it easy to provide coworking space for clients in every industry. Some of our features include:

  • A proven business model. Working with United Franchise Group (UFG), we benefit from their 35+ years of industry experience to provide comprehensive training programs and ongoing support.
  • Attractive workspaces. Our high-quality, upscale workspaces are not only beautiful but fully functioning with everything you need to grow your business.
  • Multiple revenue streams. Through our levels of membership, meeting rooms, event space rentals, business service add-ons, you can make a shared office space franchise work for you in many ways.
  • Concierge-level services. The perks and amenities we provide are top notch and provide exceptional comfort and sophistication.
  • Worldwide markets. Feel free to travel the world – we’re located in countries worldwide, so if you need to conduct business while away, stop by.

Consider Venture X for a shared office space franchise that can help you get into an in-demand industry for years to come.

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