Why Employers Must Not Ignore the Remote Work Trend

Navigating the Remote Work Revolution: The Role of Coworking Spaces

There are many employers such as Elon Musk considering remote work a fad or an excuse used by lazy people to not work. The truth is remote work is here to stay. Seeing around corners is vital for businesses to survive and thrive. Therefore, it’s important to recognize how to adapt existing business models to this trend and the ways coworking spaces help employers and employees make coworking effective for the company.

72% Crave Flexibility

According to Apollo Technical, 72% of workers prefer a flexible work model instead of the rigid office only model. This number is a floor, not a ceiling. Younger workers crave flexibility, and as the current generation of workers ages out of the office, the new generation retains skepticism of the office concept. Therefore, it’s incumbent upon employers to recognize the trend and adapt their working models to include a flexible option.

Increased Morale with Flexible Work

Most employees don’t report dissatisfaction with their employer, but bugaboos such as a commute impact mood and morale. No one likes battling traffic for an hour to get to work and then battling to get home. That’s two hours wasted in a day. The time accumulates. It’s time away from family. When people work from comfortable environments, morale is higher. High morale has a symbiotic relationship with high productivity.

Remote worker in a coworking office space

Remote Work Empowers Employees

With the rise of artificial intelligence, the nature of work changes along with the work environment. There are many tedious tasks handled by smart technology. Workers feel empowered because their days aren’t spend clicking boxes; they get to work in a way where they feel an actual difference is made. Don’t sell this feeling short. People wish to have work with meaning, otherwise many would line up for a job where all that’s needed is checking a box. Remote work is an extension of the AI revolution. It’s another way to make employees feel empowered.

Coworking spaces are the ideal spot to center a remote work plan. Visit a Venture X franchise to learn how coworking is the solution to the remote work revolution.

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