How to Find a Good Location for Your Coworking Franchise

Opening a coworking franchise with Venture X is a great way to break into a rapidly growing industry. Technology has significantly changed the face of today’s workforce, and more and more professionals are looking for flexible workspaces outside of conventional office buildings. Venture X addresses this need with our collaborative, flexible facilities outfitted with high-end furnishings and cutting-edge technology. That being said, our brand hasn’t just been growing because of the amazing services we offer. Our locations are all situated in places that are visible and convenient to our prospective customers. We provide our franchisees with exceptional support when it comes to choosing the location of their new coworking franchise. Here’s the criteria we look for when selecting a location.

Ample Space is a Must

When opening one of our coworking franchises, we always look for facilities that have enough space to address all our clients’ needs. Venture X facilities are made up of shared workspaces, private offices, conference rooms, event spaces, kitchen areas, and more. Our customers are able to lease the use of spaces like these depending on their unique needs. Furthermore, we want our clients to be able to collaborate and meet with their own customers effectively, so open seating areas are generally found throughout each location. In some Venture X locations, services are in such high demand that franchises actually reach capacity before their doors have even opened. As you can see, a large facility is generally required to help our franchisees maximize their return on investment.

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Convenient Access

In addition to having ample space to accommodate tenants, our franchises should be easy to access. We help our franchisees look for spaces that have large parking areas and are near major public transportation routes. Furthermore, Venture X seeks to be the ideal workspace by situating our coworking franchises near to other businesses that might support them. For instance, having popular restaurants and hotels nearby simplifies and enhances the workday for many of our franchisees. Overall, the space should be easy to access and our franchisees should feel proud to work there.

A Coworking Franchise Space at The Right Price

Every business owner knows that overpaying on a lease is a great way to suck up a significant portion of your profits. One of the best parts about franchising with Venture X is that we have years of experience opening new franchises, and we’ve developed comprehensive guidelines to determine how much each of our franchisees should be paying for their space. We work with our franchisees to find locations that meet all of our criteria without breaking the bank. Many franchisors are content to supply their franchisees with a list of requirements and ask them to do the hard work on their own. Venture X, on the other hand, is there every step of the way, working closely with franchisees to find the right location.

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