Where Does Venture X Stand in the Coworking Space Industry?

The coworking space industry is booming: over the span of a decade, coworking spaces have grown by 1,000%. In the ten years since coworking spaces were introduced to the market, the number of coworking spaces worldwide has grown significantly from just 160 to 18,700. It’s predicted that by 2024, there will be more than 41,975 coworking spaces worldwide.

While many thought the industry would take a significant hit during the pandemic, it seems that just the opposite occurred. With more companies adopting remote working options than ever before, more workers are now looking for a place to work outside of their homes. Coworking spaces have evolved from essentially hosting just entrepreneurs and freelancers to appealing to and accommodating members from all industries, companies, and corporations.

How Did Coworking Get Its Start?

Coworking began in the U.S. in 2005. Software engineer Brad Neuberg is credited with the start of the coworking phenomenon. Prior iterations of the coworking space concept provided precursory elements but often lacked the community aspect that coworking now offers.

Brad Neuberg envisioned a workspace that combined the independence and freedom of working alone with the community feel and structure of working with others. The world’s first full-time coworking space existed in Spiral Muse, a feminist collective, before moving to the Hat Factory to expand.

The trend took off, and the concept went national. Soon, other coworking spaces began opening up across the country to provide coworking spaces to more remote workers. By 2012, the number of global coworking spaces had increased to 2,000.

Today, there are dozens of major coworking space companies around the world. Both independent businesses and franchised brands are driving the industry’s continued growth. The industry is expected to see continued expansion for years to come as more companies adopt flexible and remote work options for their employees.

What is Venture X’s Place in the Industry?

Venture X holds a unique position in the industry: we’re not just coworking, we’re proworking. Venture X is the coworking space designed for professionals. We’re geared toward professionals who are looking to expand in place with quality, amenities, and an environment that aligns with their brand. Where some spaces might be focused too much on fun or work, Venture X is proud to stand out.

The comprehensive office franchise package Venture X offers includes just about everything you need to get your location up and running. Our team of experts is there to help you every step of the way to make sure your facility is looking and functioning at peak performance.

Our locations feature upscale, high-end design and hospitality-infused workspace. We feature industrial- inspired spaces with high exposed ceilings, luxurious furnishings, and stylish finishing touches. We help members make a perfect first impression or host networking events in a space they’re proud of.

Venture X locations provide concierge-level services, so members know that there is always someone there to help with every need. We feature amenities like fully-equipped meeting rooms that provide the latest technology.

We offer memberships to suit any team’s needs, as our turnkey coworking office space solutions work for any size business. Members can choose their office space on a monthly basis, as there are no long-term contracts. They can simply downsize or add another office when they need to adjust.

Our locations offer convenient 24/7 access. After all, flexibility is the name of the game at Venture X! Our members can access our locations worldwide, so they know they can pop in whenever they travel.

Our facilities are locally owned and operated by franchisees who are invested in their market and truly care about encouraging the growth of your local business community. Plus, we give franchisees the ability to own or expand into multiple locations if they wish to expand their footprint further.

Venture X is in the midst of aggressive expansion plans. We ended 2020 with 39 locations worldwide, and currently, we have over 100 locations sold in 9 countries. As a well-established franchise, we’ve taken a majority of the hassle of opening a business out of the equation for our franchisees.

With a flexible, proven business model, comprehensive training, and ongoing support, Venture X will help you get your business up and running and ready to grow in a booming industry.

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