Venture X UK Hits 71% Occupancy in 4 Weeks

A big congratulations goes out to Venture X UK! It’s flagship location, in Chiswick Park, is at 71% occupancy four weeks after opening! This isn’t an unexpected turn of events – our extensive demographic research revealed extraordinary potential for our Chiswick Park location, and our franchisees (along with our internal teams) outdid themselves by creating a stylish and functional coworking space that professionals love to frequent. 

“We expect to be 100% sold out in Q1 and have already started franchising throughout the United Kingdom. Our goal is to have multiple locations sold by the end of 2020,” said Tom Foster, UK Master Franchisee.Venture X franchisees

Tom, along with his partner, Andrew Ross, credits their success to owner engagement at every level to drive sales, a unique selling proposition in a competitive market, and keeping a sense of humor while working hard.

As UK Master Franchisees, Tom and Andrew aren’t done yet: they have plans to work with UK franchisees to open Venture X locations throughout the region. Their great success at Chiswick Park bodes well for their future franchisees and locations, and we’re excited to support them on their journey.

If you’re interested in opening a Venture X franchise in the UK, USA, or another country, contact us! We’re excited to let you know more about the opportunity to become a franchisee or Master Franchisee in the coworking industry.

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