Venture X Has Move-in Ready Coworking Office Spaces for Every Size Business

Coworking office spaces are changing the way people work. As more Americans take on freelancing or remote roles, Venture X offers a unique coworking space franchise opportunity to tap into this growing market.

The number of coworking spaces is projected to reach 20,000 this year and double by 2024. Venture X has streamlined the process with a proven business model and turnkey franchise opportunity to make getting into this market hassle-free.

Our flexible, collaborative environments allow freelancers, startups, and remote workers a place to work with just the right amount of space they need. Venture X locations provide these business professionals with the opportunity to work in a space offering cutting-edge technology and elevated furnishings. 

Investing in a Coworking Space Franchise

The investment opportunity that Venture X provides gives you a leg up on the competition. Our teams can help make the process simple and get you up and running as fast as possible.

We do suggest that you evaluate the investment and determine if it is feasible for you. Once you meet all the criteria, Venture X can assist with site selection, as our state-of-the-art facilities require the right amount of space. Prior to opening your coworking office space, we’ll help you prepare and receive the expertise you need. 

Venture X is proud to go above and beyond for our franchise owners. We offer more benefits than many other franchises, and partnering with us is a better option than going it alone. These benefits include site selection, comprehensive training and support, marketing plans and materials, sales plans, processes to find and sign members, and much more. 

Further, we make it easy for Venture X franchisees to manage their investments. We welcome investors to delegate responsibilities and grow their initial investment into multi-unit management. 

Coworking Office Spaces for Every Size

Venture X offers a variety of coworking office spaces that can be scaled up or down depending on your needs. Our workspace solutions are available without leases or long-term contracts. 

Some of our most popular membership plans include:

  • Virtual office. This plan is a great solution to provide business professionals with a Class A office space business address, with the option to reserve a private office or meeting room as you need it at member rates.
  • Shared desks. This membership plan allows clients to choose any open seat in the common area and access conference rooms at member rates.
  • Dedicated desk. This plan includes a filing cabinet, ergonomic chair, 24/7 access, mailing address, and access to conference rooms at member rates.
  • Private office. Members can have 24/7 access to their personal office, complete with filing cabinet, ergonomic chairs, mailing address, and monthly conference room usage.
  • Community. This membership plan provides access to the common areas with the ability to utilize conference rooms at member rates.

Regardless of which plan customers choose, members can also enjoy our many perks and amenities. These pluses include high-tech meeting rooms, complimentary gourmet coffee and tea, the option to work from any Venture X location, event space, member discounts, mail service, on-site community staff, ultra-fast internet, café and lounge, closed-circuit cameras, 24/7 keycard access, copy/print services, premium furniture, cleaning services, and networking events. 

A Blend of Office and Community

One of the goals of Venture X is to ensure that we exist in the space between business and community. While we have incredible, high-end offices, our community of professionals also benefits from daily access to the built-in organic networking, mentoring, and learning that exists across all spectrums of business. 

Venture X’s coworking office spaces are designed to encourage communication and collaboration between clients, creating a sense of community.

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