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The need to work from a remote, professional environment isn’t unique to Americans, but working from home isn’t always the most productive option. It can start to feel stuffy, claustrophobic, and isolating, or on the other side of the coin, there can be a variety of distractions. For those who work remotely, a coworking space is a welcome alternative. Coworking spaces give our clients a comfortable, distraction-free environment designed to maximize their productivity, as well as facilitate connections with other remote workers. The demand for this kind of communal setting has boomed in recent years, leading to the expansion of coworking spaces from Los Angeles to Thailand. While we think VentureX is pretty cool, take a look at some of these other top coworking spaces worldwide for some inspiration.


One of the best parts about owning a coworking space is the degree of flexibility allowed for customization and creativity. The character of your space will often be determined by your site location, and phrases quickly learn to enjoy the challenge of creating a fun, relaxing, unique environment. One of the most unique coworking spaces is located on the beaches of Thailand, and boasts shared beachfront desks, beach shower access, and fine dining at adjacent restaurants. The coworking space also provides hammocks for lounging and working. It’s venues like these that provide truly useful inspiration to Venture X franchisees trying to conceptualize their coworking space business.

Hollywood, California

Another inspirational location can be found in Hollywood. This particular space is tailored to artists, film and fashion designers, and architects. The space itself is designed to cater specifically to those in need of studios, or large areas to pursue their creative work. It’s a great example of how a coworking space can assume a unique character, and cater to a specific target demographic. 

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona boasts an indoor-outdoor coworking space that spans six floors. It has a cafe and patio downstairs, while upstairs you can find meeting rooms, terraces, and even a “siesta club,” where workers can take relaxation to a whole new level. While we don’t encourage clients to sleep on the job, this unique space should give you an idea of exactly what is possible when you design your own coworking space.

San Francisco, California

This space in San Francisco decided to make dogs part of their coworking family too. A dog-friendly business, this location also offers bike parking, complimentary breakfast every morning, and a dynamic work environment. This San Francisco location is a great example of environmental awareness, and offering services designed to attract your target demographic.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Speaking of the power of amenities, this coworking space in Johannesburg offers a coffee bar with member-only prices, and an indoor putting green. Features like these can make your coworking space stand out from the rest, and give you an edge on your competition.

While we certainly don’t expect our franchisees to replicate the models above, it’s useful to keep in mind how some of the world’s top coworking spaces operate and innovate. If you’re excited by the prospect of launching and customizing your own coworking space with Venture X, reach out to us here.

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