The Venture X Coworking Space Target Market: Who Are They?

One of the best reasons to open a shared office franchise with Venture X is that lots of prospective clients are:

  • Freelancers who value a large collaborative space
  • Corporate teams who love to take advantage of our amenities
  • Startup businesses that especially value our collaborative spaces

Here, we’ll show you why clients like these love our brand and why we have the potential for remarkable growth in the coming years.

Freelance Clients Love Our Shared Office Franchise

Venture X has always been popular among freelance clients because we offer a level of flexibility that just can’t be found in traditional office spaces. Freelancers want to get the job done on their own time. They’re not tied down to a nine-to-five workday, so why should they be tied down a rigid lease? Venture X allows them to rent the type of space they want (anything from a shared workspace to a dedicated office, with options to add on other services as-needed). It’s estimated that there are already nearly 57 million freelancers in the U.S. and that number is likely to continue growing. As more professionals turn to freelancing, Venture X will continue to be a favorite shared office franchise among this group.

Corporate Teams are Taking Notice

While freelancers have traditionally made up a large share of the coworking space target market, even corporate teams are beginning to recognize the benefits of working at Venture X. For one thing, our facilities often offer nicer amenities than they enjoy at their permanent offices. We can offer valuable services like meeting/conference room rentals and event space when needed with no long-term commitment. Our shared office franchises are the perfect places for corporate teams to collaborate on projects for a short-term or long-term basis. Furthermore, they’re able to assemble satellite teams in areas far from their headquarters without missing a beat. 

Startup Businesses Have Emerged as Loyal Customers

Startup businesses in their early stages choose Venture X because we allow them lots of collaborative space to brainstorm and work together without the long-term commitment of a traditional lease. Our locations are great spaces to work as a team: from public seating areas, to private conference rooms, and open workspaces. Like our other clients, startups especially love that they can add on additional services when they’re needed. They love that our event spaces are a great place to host gatherings with potential investors and current stakeholders so that they can share their progress in a stylish and professional atmosphere. 

These are just some of the customers that already love Venture X. As our business has continued to grow, we’ve noticed that professionals of all sorts have flocked to our brand because they love what we have to offer. The popularity of and the utilization of our spaces among so many different demographics has been a real boon for our franchisees. 

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