The Difference is in the Details: Venture X is a Cut Above the Rest

If you’re interested in opening a coworking space franchise, you couldn’t ask for a better franchisor than Venture X. Why? Because attention to detail is in everything we do. Anyone could lease a commercial space, set up wifi and a seating area, and say they’ve opened a coworking space. Venture X locations offer far more to franchisees and customers alike. Read on to learn about some of the details that make our coworking space franchise stand out from the rest. 

Architects, Artists, and Designers Influence Each Space

One of the foundational principles of our brand is that we want each location to feel like a collaborative environment. An environment where people on and across teams feel free to share ideas, get to know each other, and improve one another’s workday. One of the ways we work to foster creativity and collaboration is by creating beautiful spaces that are a joy to spend time in.

We work with industry-leading architects and designers to merge technology and design, leading to spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful. We make sure to incorporate open spaces and a variety of office sizes to fit the needs of a varied clientele.

The result? Freelance clients love that they can hold meetings in the most beautiful workspace in town, and clients that work for larger corporate teams love that our franchises help them escape from the drudgery of the traditional office. 

Versatile Uses for Our Coworking Space Franchises

While some coworking spaces function as merely a place to plug in your laptop, Venture X does so much more. We have a good understanding of what today’s coworking space client is looking for in terms of business services, and we offer a wide array all in one place. In addition to a desk and wifi, all Venture X customers can opt to take advantage of additional services such as …

  • High-tech conference room rental
  • Printing and mailbox services
  • Event space
  • Concierge care

All of this translates into additional revenue streams for our franchisees while further setting Venture X apart from other brands that can’t compete with this level of service. 

Going Above and Beyond Expectations

We don’t just want our coworking space franchises to be as good as any other workspace, we want them to be better. That’s why we pay attention to details like integrating smart technology in as many ways as possible. Our meeting rooms, which come in multiple sizes, are equipped with video-conferencing technology. Along these lines, we furnish our locations with office furniture from brands like Herman Miller that are designed to look and feel great – a cut above what’s found in a typical office setting.

Going above and beyond for our customers doesn’t just make Venture X a good short-term solution, it makes us the destination for businesses large and small. 

Want to learn more about the ways we set our coworking space franchises apart from the rest? Contact Venture X today.

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