How to Successfully Market Coworking Spaces

There are plenty of reasons entrepreneurs and other businesses should cowork. However, it’s equally important to get the information about coworking to those potential members. Marketing the coworking space is easier said than done. Most coworking space proprietors are not marketing professionals. However, with just a few practices, a coworking space builds its prestige and uses marketing to find the right members and get them coming through the doors.

Smart Social Media Practices

All coworking spaces must be active on social media. In order to properly promote the coworking space, use lots of photos and reply to people making comments. Be charming and friendly. It’s difficult to be funny on social media, so refrain from joking around. Always promote what the coworking space offers its members. Show members using the different amenities. This is the easiest way to ensure one way of marketing gets maximum results.

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Promote Success Stories

The coworking spaces where Uber and Instagram started were quite emphatic about reminding everyone where those businesses started. While those businesses may be the exception, there will always be success stories in a coworking space. Find the success stories and use those stories as marketing collateral. Potential members view themselves in the success stories, and they’re eager to get started.

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Use SEO on the Website

It’s imperative to use local SEO practices to attract new members. People search for office space all the time. It’s important the coworking space is one of the top results. Having the space on a great website with proper SEO moves the site up the rankings. This drives members because they’ll make the inquiry. Once the inquiry is made, it’s important for the team to close the sale. Having a bright site with lots of information is great marketing for a coworking space.

When it comes to marketing, one coworking space with a clear identity is Venture X. Check out the Venture X social media pages and website before setting up a visit to your local franchise.

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