How Your Experience in Real Estate Can Transfer to Coworking Space Franchising

While we believe that our franchisees don’t necessarily need industry experience in order to open a Venture X coworking space, having a background in real estate can provide valuable knowledge for new franchisees. Do you have a background in real estate? If so, consider how your knowledge and experience could be an asset in developing coworking space franchising.

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Identifying the Right Location

If you have worked in real estate, you probably have a good sense of your community and its development. When identifying a location for a Venture X, it is important to consider where your clients will want to go to work. For example, our Mississauga location opened its doors right in the city’s core, and close-by to Square One Shopping Center, a centrally-located work space that is convenient for commuters to access. Its proximity to Square One also ensures that plenty of foot traffic will pass by, exposing a wide audience to Venture X and the benefits it has to offer workers.

Finding the Right Space for the Right Client

In real estate, agents are tasked with finding just the right space for a variety of clients. They must take a range of factors into account, such as their needs and their budgets. At Venture X, we offer a range of options to our clients. Whether they are looking to reserve a shared desk or a private office, we have work spaces that are suitable for everyone. As a Venture X franchisee, you will be responsible for helping our clients find just the right fit for them.

Helping to Develop Your Community

Real estate agents help communities to grow by providing families and businesses with spaces to put down roots. Venture X offers an innovative take on this same idea, providing small and large businesses alike with flexible locations to work. One of the benefits of working from a Venture X coworking space is that businesses are given the unique opportunity to collaborate with each other in a shared space, leading to stronger connections between your community’s businesses. By helping entrepreneurs and other business leaders with a place to work, you are helping to develop the larger community you all share.

We would love to talk to you more about your background, and explore the ways in which you can utilize your skills and experience to develop a Venture X franchise. Give us a call at 1-866-567-8995 or visit us online at today to learn more!

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