How to Manage a Coworking Space’s Reputation

Every business concerns itself with its reputation. This is natural because the reputation attracts and retains customers. Reputations build through action. Enhancing reputation is critical for coworking spaces. Because coworking as a concept is relatively new, the actions of a coworking space reflect not just on the business itself, but the industry as well. Keeping this in mind helps a coworking space build a positive reputation that attracts and retains the right types of customers.

Act with Intention

Many businesses lose the shine on their reputation because they don’t act quickly. When members have concerns or there’s something to be done to build the reptuation, it’s imperative to work quickly. Don’t just address the concern, go above and beyond to remind the member why they chose the coworking space in the first place. When members see a coworking space constantly acting, they feel the business looks out for them. This is an easy way to secure members.

Emphasize Cleanliness

The easiest way to gain or lose members is through cleanliness. A clean coworking space gets plaudits while a dirty space repels members. Furthermore, there’s a high level of professionalism associated with cleanliness. Therefore, it’s important to have people roaming around and cleaing up what members leave behind. Encourage members to be clean as well. This helps with the overall mood. It’s important never to let members walk into a space and feel like they must clean it before getting to work. Soon, they will tire of cleaning and move on.

Promote the Coworking Space

Using social media and other promotional tools is essential for building the reputation. What good is having an amazing coworking space if people don’t know it’s there? That’s why taking pictures, showing people working, and pushing the different functions of the space matters. When others who aren’t members of the space see the massive amount of activity within the space, there develops a reputation as a business incubator. Without promoting the coworking space, this reputation remains unheard by the masses, and depriving a space of increased memberships.

Thanks to reputation building, coworking spaces like Venture X quickly became thought of as the future of work. See how Venture X lives up to this reputation by scheduling a tour today.

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