What Does a Venture X Coworking Space Business Investment Look Like?

Are you wondering “How much does it cost to start a franchise with Venture X?” One of the best parts of opening a coworking franchise with us is that we’ve developed a comprehensive investment breakdown that includes just about everything it takes to get a new coworking space business up and running. Here, we’ll go over a few highlights of the investment. 

The Estimated Total Initial Investment in a Coworking Space Business

The total amount you’ll invest in your new Venture X franchise will depend on factors like the size of your coworking space and the area in which it’s located. We estimate that most of our franchisees will invest $1.1-$3.4 million to get their business up and running. This investment includes virtually everything it takes to get started, including:

Your initial franchise fee: The initial franchise fee of $79,500 is included in the estimate above. This franchise fee entitles you to comprehensive training and support throughout the process of setting up your new business. It grants you access to our brand name, as well as a host of support resources designed to simplify the process of getting started. In short, the franchise fee allows you to gain some momentum without wasting any time. 

A lease on a great location: Our team helps franchisees to identify just the right space for their new Venture X franchise. Great Venture X locations are spacious enough for lots of individuals and teams to make use of the collaborative space simultaneously. We also look for locations that are in the vicinity of public transportation hubs, great restaurants, and hotels frequented by business travelers. With our help, you’ll find a space that meets all these requirements and works with your budget. 

High-end office furnishings: Clients love Venture X because we’re able to offer them an office space that’s a cut above what they’re used to. We’ll work with you to furnish your new coworking space with the best office furnishings from brands like Herman Miller, making your Venture X a comfortable space for clients to collaborate with their customers and colleagues. 

An initial marketing campaign: We’ll help you get the word out about your new business by guiding you through the stages of developing an initial marketing campaign. We’ve already created a cache of marketing materials that our franchisees are free to utilize, greatly simplifying the process. Some of these expenses are included in the initial investment – when you contact us, we can give you the details. 

Do you still have questions on how much it costs to start a franchise? Contact us today and we’ll give you a more detailed breakdown of the costs.

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