The Venture X International Franchising Opportunity

Shared office franchises like Venture X have been taking off in the U.S. and around the world. That’s why we’ve never seen the need to limit ourselves to the U.S. exclusively – Venture X has many locations open or in development in other countries. Learn more about why now is a great time to open an international location and how Venture X can help.

Why Open a Shared Office Franchise Internationally?

The global coworking industry is growing, and it’s expected that by 2024, there will be over 40,000 coworking spaces around the world. There are lots of reasons that businesses like ours are booming. For one thing, the way we work is much different in 2021 than it was in the past. More and more people work online, so there’s no real need for them to report to an office from nine to five. 

However, people do need productive spaces in which to work. Spaces where they can access reliable high-speed internet, collaborate with other professionals, and effectively hold video conferences are in high demand. Furthermore, many people today work for themselves, and their workload will change throughout the year. They want a high-quality workspace with flexible terms that allows them access to it when they need it, without paying for it when they don’t. 

These needs exist in countries around the world, and Venture X is ready to meet them. 

About Our International Franchising Opportunity

We simplify the process of opening a shared office franchise internationally. As a part of United Franchise Group (UFG), we understand the nuances of international franchising laws. Every country has its rules and regulations regarding franchising, and UFG has the expertise of opening businesses worldwide. That means we’re able to more easily cut through the red tape to get your business started right. 

Furthermore, Venture X offers comprehensive franchisee support every step of the way. We already go above and beyond for our U.S.-based franchisees, and that support is even more valuable when it comes to our international locations. There are things you can count on us to help you with:

  • Finding the perfect location for your new business,
  • Scoping out local demographic trends to identify your target customers,
  • Providing marketing best practices that you can then modify for your local market; and 
  • Delivering well-developed in person training as well as tools and guides to help you open and fill your location.

It’s a great time to take advantage of the Venture X international franchising opportunity. Contact us today to get started!

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