Did You Know Venture X Offers an International Franchise Opportunity?

As a part of the United Franchise Group, Venture X offers an international franchise opportunity to entrepreneurs across the globe.

An Adaptable Business Model That Works Across Cultures

Are you interested in starting a shared workspace venture for the professionals in your community? If so, consider investing in Venture X. We’re a coworking office space franchise that’s looking to expand its worldwide footprint.

Where in the World Are We?

Today we have 50 locations operating in Canada, Costa Rica, Dubai, Honduras, India, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. As we look for partners to help us expand Venture X within these emerging markets, we’re also looking for entrepreneurs to help us launch in new ones domestically (the U.S.) and internationally.

The Global Coworking Office Space Market Keeps Growing

The coworking space global market is poised to reach $13.03 billion by 2025 at a compound annual rate of 12%. The strong forecast comes on the heels of the economic impact of COVID-19, which briefly saw fewer people working outside their homes. But with 16% of the world’s companies now fully remote and 62% of workers working remotely to varying degrees, the global market is back on track and shows no signs of slowing.

Our Proven Formula for Success Works in Your Country

We understand that opening a franchise in the U.S. is not the same as opening one in your country. We also have a lot of experience in building successful partnerships across different cultures. Our experts are adept at helping entrepreneurs navigate their country’s particular set of rules and regulations and establish businesses that thrive. And our international partners receive more than just opening assistance; they enjoy our continuous and comprehensive support throughout the life of their business.

In a New Market? Become a Master License Partner

UFG’s master license partners are regional business experts stationed across the globe who can help people start a Venture X franchise in their locality. And if we don’t yet have a master license partner for your region, you may have the opportunity to open a flagship location and become the master license partner for your area. In this case, you’ll enjoy two sources of revenue: one from your business and the other from selling franchises to entrepreneurs in your market.

What Makes Venture X a Leader in Coworking Office Spaces?

If you’re considering opening your own coworking space, first be sure to consider the advantages you’ll get by partnering with Venture X.

  • Established relationships and potential customers, including corporate teams and startup groups
  • A monthly membership that includes add-on services such as mailbox services and podcast studio access
  • The opportunity for multiple revenue streams, including event-based rentals
  • Unmatched professional and business support, including in real estate and marketing, as well as professional coaching

If you want to learn more about franchising with Venture X and our international opportunity, don’t wait. Reach out today!

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