Why Commercial Landlords Love Coworking Spaces

There are plenty of clients who love great office space in the center of a city or a prime location on the way many workers use for commuting. This is why commercial landlords get excellent lease terms, they have plenty of renters to choose from. Increasingly, commercial landlords rent their prime spaces to coworking space businesses. There are several reasons behind this, but sufficed to say these commercial landlords seek out coworking spaces to lease the commercial office space.

Diversity in One Client

The great thing about coworking is the business itself is relatively recession-proof. There are several different types of businesses and entrepreneurs with memberships in a coworking space. For commercial landlords, it’s important to have diverse clients, because it prevents one type of business from destroying a commercial landlord’s portfolio. Instead of seeking out several clients, use coworking to create the diverse portfolio.

diversity in one client

Reliable Type of Business

The best part of renting commercial space to a business like a health club is the membership base required to sustain the club ensures the business. The same holds true for coworking. Membership fees help coworking spaces build income. This built-in income assuages landlords about the coworking space’s ability to pay the rent. The business model works, and thanks to having a reliable company renting a space, commercial landlords rest easier.

High Prestige

Coworking spaces are the business’s of tomorrow and better yet, they’re the incubators of the businesses of tomorrow. Since massive businesses like Uber and Instagram got their start in coworking spaces, it’s entirely possible the coworking space renting from a commercial landlord has a member working on the next great idea. Being the landlord of the innovative business gets similar businesses interested, and that’s why coworking is a great option for commercial landlords.

Venture X office location

There are plenty of other reasons why commercial landlords love coworking spaces like Venture X. Go on a tour of a Venture X facility to see how coworking works in your commercial spaces.

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