Types of Customers You Want to Market Your Franchise To

Starting a co-working business with Venture X is a great way to meet a growing need among the professionals in your community. As more and more workers shift to freelance and independent employment, they need a great workspace in which they can be productive on their time. Here’s a quick look at a few of the types of customers that rely on Venture X to get the job done:

#1. Satellite or Virtual Office Teams

As the internet has led to increased globalization, many companies don’t rely on the workers in their physical space to do every job.  Instead, many companies have employees in different areas of the country, getting work done remotely. These workers often need workspaces, but might not have the same strict requirements as employees at the company’s physical headquarters. Venture X offers flexible agreements that give these workers access to shared or dedicated workspaces as they need it. This flexibility makes it easier than ever for companies to support their employees around the country, making Venture X an important resource.

co-working business venture x

#2. Freelance Professionals

More Americans than ever are turning to freelance work to support themselves. These professionals get their work done on their own time, without needing to meet the same strict requirements as corporate employees who punch a clock and report to the same location every day. Venture X locations are excellent for freelance professionals because many of them don’t need to rent a dedicated office space, and instead just need a place where they can work productively on their own time. Venture X’s flexible and affordable plans are a great opportunity for these workers who are looking to get things done on their own  time.

#3. New Businesses

Many startup businesses aren’t ready to rent a full-time office, but still need a place where they can conduct meetings and get work done. Venture X has flexible lease agreements for these entrepreneurs that will allow them to make the most of their budget. Our co-working business has full offices available that they can use for private meetings, and also features more open collaborative spaces  that are great for brainstorming and coming up with new ideas. This is just another reason that Venture X is a great business to franchise with if you’re looking to serve the entrepreneurs in your community!

#4. Temps

Temporary workers represent another growing sector of the economy. These workers fill in as-needed, helping to get tasks done with no strings attached. Many temps work remotely, and need a workspace that’s as flexible as they are. Venture X locations come with all of the amenities they’ll need to get the job done, including high-speed internet, printers, access to great coffee, and more!

As you can see, there are many potential customers for a Venture X co-working business. These are just a few — can you think of others in your community?

Contact us today to learn more about the process of opening a Venture X co-working business. We’re excited to tell you more about our business model and our customers!

Venture X Plans Continued Aggressive Expansion During 2019

New President, Additional Resources Announced

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Jan. 14, 2019 – Venture X®, a member of the United Franchise Group (UFG), and a premium membership-based workspace community for entrepreneurs and businesses, enters 2019 with an aggressive agenda for continued expansion to meet the expected demand. In doing so, the brand is enhancing its leadership team with the appointment of a new Brand President, Jason Anderson, and with Tom Weber shifting to Executive VP of Operations, a role that plays to his strengths in real estate and finance.

Anderson has held various leadership roles within UFG over the years, most recently serving as President of Accurate Franchising, another UFG brand. Previously, he served as UFG’s Director of Franchise Development and Chief Technology Officer. Before joining UFG, he founded Premier Property Marketing Group in Dallas where he was named to the coveted Forbes Magazine “30 Under 30” list.

“The growth of the Venture X brand has been tremendous, and we are committed to moving more resources to support expansion,” said Ray Titus, CEO of United Franchise Group. “Venture X has quickly become a top tier player in the shared workspace environment because we meet the needs of more seasoned professionals and established brands.”

As we start 2019, Venture X has a dominant presence in Texas, developing upscale coworking office spaces in Las Colinas Village, Harlingen, Brownsville, Dallas (Alpha Road), Plano (Legacy West), and Richardson and is also expanding its successful San Antonio location to meet the area’s demand. In addition, two new offices were opened in Florida at CityPlace in West Palm Beach, and City Centre in Palm Beach Gardens. Venturing west, a new facility recently opened in Denver, CO. The first franchised Venture X location in Mississauga, Canada has reached capacity and plans are underway to build another location nearby.

“Venture X is unlike any of the other shared workspace concepts out there,” said Anderson. “The upscale, premium environment provides a workplace for professionals who want to project an image of success to their clients. We consistently focus on quality, and our value-added offerings are the cornerstone of the membership experience.”

During the first quarter of 2019, eight Venture X locations will open in six states. These include: Campbell Center-Dallas, TX; Orlando and Doral (including an expansion of the West Palm Beach offices) in Florida; Farmington, UT; Richmond, VA; Marlborough, MA; and Indianapolis, IN. During the remainder of the year, plans call for three more new shared office spaces to be built in Texas: Frisco-Stonebrook, Houston, and One McKinney-Dallas. Others include Ann Arbor, MI and Pleasanton, CA.

Members can use any of the Venture X locations and there will soon be more to choose from around the globe as deals are in negotiation not just throughout the United States, but also internationally, with options in London, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Panama, Dubai as well as other countries in the Middle East. The goal is to have 100 locations open by the end of 2019. Working together, Anderson and Weber plan to fast track market growth in these regions.

Additional details on workspace options and services are available at www.venturex.com/plans. For franchise ownership opportunity information, visit www. Venturexfranchise.com.

About Venture X

Venture X is a shared workspace and community that is a blend of boutique hotel and modern office styles with a high level of design that feels professional and welcoming. We are designing beautiful spaces and developing an environment and community that people love coming to work to every day. Venture X is part of a successful group of affiliated companies and brands under the United Franchise Group (UFG) and has been recognized by Inc. as one of the best co-working spaces in the United States. The brand anticipates having 100 locations operational by the end of 2019. For more information about locations, visit www.VentureX.com, and for information about franchise opportunities, visit venturexfranchise.com.

About UFG

Led by CEO Ray Titus, United Franchise Group is home to a variety of internationally recognized brands including Signarama, Fully Promoted, Experimax, Jon Smith Subs, SuperGreen Solutions, Transworld Business Advisors, Accurate Franchising, Venture X, and the Great Greek Mediterranean Grill. With over three decades in the franchising industry and more than 1,600 franchisees throughout the world, United Franchise Group offers unprecedented leadership and solid business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

There Is Independence in Franchise Ownership

Running a virtual office franchise with Venture X is a great way to start an exciting new career! If you’re looking for a way to gain greater independence in your professional life, this franchise opportunity might just be too good to pass up. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the ways that owning a Venture X franchise can help you to enjoy greater professional independence.

#1. Set Your Own Hours

Starting any new business takes hard work, and Venture X is no exception. While you’re still establishing your business you’ll take part in a comprehensive training program, and you’ll also need to spend time getting your new location up and running. However, once your business is established, you can enjoy more freedom in the hours you work. You can decide for yourself which tasks you’d like to handle personally, and which you’d like to delegate to your trusted staff. Instead of working according to someone else’s schedule, you can decide when it would be best for you to be on-site. This frees our virtual office franchise owners up to make important decisions about their personal lives. Whether you’d like to be home every night in time for dinner, enjoy regular weekends off, or take a vacation, you’ll enjoy the freedom to make decisions like these for yourself.

#2. Take Pride in Running Your Own Virtual Office Franchise

When you become a Venture X franchisee, we’ll help you to get your business up and running. We’ll put in time with you when it comes to finding the right location, designing the interior of the space, and so forth. However, at the end of the day, you’re the owner of your Venture X franchise! You’ll be free to make many important business decisions on your own, helping many of our franchisees to gain a sense of ownership and pride inn their location. Run the kind of business you’ve always wanted to by becoming a Venture X franchisee.

virtual office franchise venture x

#3. Let Us Help With (a Lot of) the Hard Stuff

A key benefit to franchising over running a business independently is the strong support you can look forward to. While independent business owners need to spend hours of their own time learning the business, developing effective policies and procedures, finding a location, and more, Venture X franchisees can look forward to enjoying our support with many of these tasks. We’ll show you the ins and outs of what it takes to run one of our businesses, we’ll help you find a location, and we’ll even help you to negotiate a lease! Of course, our ongoing marketing support is also a key benefit as our franchisees grow their businesses. Make running a virtual office franchise as easy as possible by partnering with Venture X and taking advantage of the support we have to offer.

These are just a few ways that Venture X virtual office franchise owners enjoy independence in their professional lives. If you’re ready to take more control over your career, contact us today to learn more!

4 Questions You Might Have About the Franchise Process

If you’re looking to open a remote office franchise, Venture X is the franchisor for you. Our company has the flexible workspace agreements to help establish remote office locations, give freelancers a place to work at their leisure, and everything in between. Here’s a quick look at some frequently asked questions regarding opening one of our locations.

#1. How Much Should I Expect to Invest?

The estimated initial investment in a new Venture X location is between $600,000-$800,000. As a turnkey franchise, we anticipate this investment will cover nearly everything you’ll need to get your business up and running: from a lease agreement, to infrastructure, to equipment, and more.

remote office venture x

#2. What Kind of Experience Do I Need?

Running a Venture X remote office locations doesn’t require a specific background. Having experience in the hospitality industry, customer service, and real estate may be beneficial to our franchisees, but these skillsets are by no means required. One of the best parts of becoming a Venture X franchisee is the comprehensive training program we’ve designed to get you up to speed on exactly what it means to run a co-working space.

#3. What Support Can I Expect?

Opening a new business can be stressful, and requires time and effort to accomplish everything from finding the perfect location to marketing. When you franchise with Venture X, you can expect to receive startup support (finding a new location, comprehensive training, and so forth) as well as ongoing support (marketing assistance, regional meetings, and more). If you’re thinking of opening a remote office franchise, partnering with Venture X is a great way to break into the industry as efficiently as possible.

#4. Who Will My Clients Be?

The co-working industry is getting more popular, and professionals in a range of sectors are potential Venture X clients. Whether it’s a large corporation looking for a great place to set up a remote office, entrepreneurs looking for a great workspace to meet with clients, or a freelancer looking to pay for only as much workspace as they need, our flexible options have just these workers are looking for. Our clients love our beautiful and collaborative co-working spaces that are designed to foster inspiration and fun throughout their work day.

Venture X is a great franchisor for anyone looking to break into the remote office industry as well as the co-working industry. Contact us today to learn more about what it takes to become a franchisee!


4 Things to Look for in a Good Location for Your Franchise

Are you thinking of opening a co-working franchise with Venture X? If so, choosing a great location is key. Fortunately, part of the start-up support you’ll receive when you become a Venture X franchisee is site selection. Still, as you’re considering this exciting business opportunity, keep these criteria in mind while you’re considering a Venture X co-working franchise in your community.

#1. Centrally Located

A good Venture X co-working franchise should be centrally-located, and easily accessible to those who take public transit or drive to work. Along these lines, having a parking lot nearby is also important. Since Venture X caters to all types of freelancers and entrepreneurs, it’s important that the location be central for their convenience. Urban and suburban hubs are great options due to their prime locations adjacent to other businesses.

co-working franchise Venture X

#2. Large Enough to Suit Your Clients’ Needs

A key feature of Venture X co-working spaces is that we offer a range of workspaces to our clients. Whether it’s a shared desk in a common area or a dedicated office, our clients all have different needs when it comes to their jobs. It’s important that the location you choose be well-suited to a variety of different workspaces, allowing you plenty of space to build up different work areas. Furthermore, Venture X is well-known because of our amenities such as cafes and areas to relax. Be sure your building is spacious enough to account for all of these features.

#3. Room for High Design

Another feature Venture X is famous for is the inspired design we utilize in all of our co-working spaces. Unlike the boring white offices of the past, Venture X strives to create an environment were creativity and collaboration are fostered. Modern art, comfortable lighting, and innovative interior design are just a few ways we work towards creating spaces that make work fun. When you choose a location, see if you can envision the Venture X style at work in the space. Don’t worry, our interior design experts will help you to make your vision a reality.

#4. A Clean, Safe Neighborhood

Choose a neighborhood that your clients will be comfortable going to work in, day or night. Take into consideration the other businesses around and the clientele they attract. Consider how well a co-working space will fit in in the neighborhood you’ve selected.

These are just a few points to keep in mind when you start a co-working franchise with Venture X. Contact us today to learn more about how we support our franchisees as they find just the right location for their new business!

More Than One Investment to Oversee? Why Venture X Is a Perfect Fit

Starting a co-working space with Venture X is a great way to break into an exciting new industry, even for busy investors with more than one investment to oversee. In this post, we’ll review some of the ways Venture X strives to make franchise ownership as easy as possible for our investors.

#1. A Turnkey Investment

At Venture X, we believe that it’s so easy to open one of our co-working space locations that we call it a “turnkey investment.” When you invest in one of our franchises, your investment covers just about everything you’ll need to get your location up and running. We know what it takes to open a brand new co-working space, and we’ve worked many of these costs into your estimated initial investment. The result is a hassle-free experience for our franchisees with fewer unexpected costs.

co-working space venture x

#2. Comprehensive Support

One of the best parts of starting a Venture X co-working space is that we’ll be there to support you throughout the whole process. When you take part in our training program, you’ll learn the ins and outs of what it takes to run a co-working space with as little hassle of possible. Best of all, we’ll be there to offer you startup support when it comes to everything from marketing to on-site training. Independent business owners spend countless hours on factors like developing a targeted marketing campaign, setting up their location, hiring staff, and so forth. When you franchise with us, we’ll be there to make this process as simple as possible — freeing you up to focus more time on your other investments, even while your location is still being opened.

#3. Delegate to Your Employees

For franchisees who are looking for a more hands-off role in their co-working space, finding a staff they can trust is an important consideration. Once you have a strong staff in place, you’ll be able to delegate many of your operations to them, freeing you up to decide when you’d like to work on-site and when you’d like to focus on your other obligations. When you franchise with Venture X, it’s important to spend time at your location, but we want you to enjoy the freedom to decide for yourself when you’ll be at your business.

Venture X supports our franchisees who want to run a co-working space but also have other obligations to attend to. Contact us today to learn more about the ways we support our busy franchisees!

3 Great Ways to Delegate Tasks to Your Managers and Employees

When you sign up to run a Venture X office franchise, there will be plenty of work to be done. The good news is that you don’t need to do it all yourself. When you become a franchisee, you’ll be able to rely on your managers and employees to handle plenty of your day-to-day operations. Delegating tasks will help you to take more time for yourself focus on whatever is most important: family, hobbies, church — whatever it is that matters to you! Here are a few ideas for delegating tasks as a Venture X franchisee.

#1. Opening and Closing Routines

Develop a routine list of opening and closing procedures for your location. These could include things like sweeping and mopping, completing paperwork, preparing food in the cafe, and so forth. Different employees should be familiar with their role, and should understand what their role should be in completing these routines. For instance, managers should complete paperwork and other employees can take care of sweeping and mopping. Developing regular routines is a great way to keep your office franchise running like clockwork.

office franchise venture x

#2. Keep Experience in Mind

When delegating tasks to your employees, keep their level of experience in mind. It’s likely that employees who have worked with you for a long time can be trusted to complete more important tasks, like managing bookkeeping. As employees become more experienced, trust them with more important tasks and train them to complete them so that they can fill in or step up when needed. Honor your employees’ experience by trusting them to help you complete more important tasks, freeing you up to spend time on what’s important to you.

#3. Take Advantage of On-the-Job Training

Let your experienced employees help to share the work of training new employees. A great way to onboard new employees is by having them shadow more experienced employees, giving them  the opportunity to see and experience the correct processes and procedures as they go. This hands-on experience will have a big impact on your new employees, and will minimize the amount of time they need to spend completing initial training before getting out on the floor. Why shoulder the burden of training new employees all on your own when you can rely on experienced employees to help guide them?

These are just a few ways our franchisees delegate tasks to their managers and employees. Contact us today to learn more about what it takes to franchise with Venture X!

Put Your Business Experience to Good Use with Franchising

Are you looking to open a co-working space business of your own? If you come from a corporate or business background, you may find yourself especially well-prepared to franchise with Venture X. Here’s a quick look at how some of the skills you’ve already mastered could be of use to you as a Venture X franchisee.

#1. Managing Schedules

An important component of running a Venture X co-working space is managing complex schedules. What makes our co-working space so appealing to entrepreneurs and freelancers are the flexible plans we offer. That means that our schedule is something of a revolving door: clients will use their workspace a set number of times per week or month, and the rest of the time it will be vacant for others to use. If you have experience writing schedules, this will come in handy running a co-working space business with Venture X.

co-working space business venture x

#2. Staying on Top of Paperwork

One of the best parts of franchising with Venture X is that you get to step right into our established business model. We’ve already figured out the most efficient ways to manage bookkeeping and paperwork for our franchises, making it especially simple for our franchisees to adopt our systems. Still, if you come from a business background, learning the ropes of our bookkeeping systems may be even simpler for you. If you have experience in accounting or payroll, put those skills to use by becoming a Venture X franchisee.

#3. Anticipating Your Clients’ Needs

If you come from a business background yourself, you may find yourself especially adept at anticipating the needs of the clients you serve. At Venture X, it’s important that our customers are able to work productively at our locations. As a former businesswoman or businessman yourself, you probably understand what it takes to stay productive at work. Whether it’s making sure your internet connection is as steady as possible or organizing the layout of your location, your insights will help your clients to work efficiently, helping to ensure repeat customers at your co-working space business.

#4. Customer Service

Many business and corporate jobs depend on customer satisfaction. If you have experience working directly with customers, this experience will be an asset to you as a Venture X franchisee. Attending to your customers needs and listening to their feedback will help you to develop lasting relationships as you grow your business.

Contact us today to learn more about putting your experience to use as a Venture X franchisee!

Why Realtors Make Some of the Best Venture X Franchisees

If you’re searching for great franchise opportunities for realtors, look no further than Venture X. At Venture X, our co-working spaces are leading the charge into the future of business worldwide. We believe that our franchisees who started out as realtors are especially well-prepared to run Venture X co-working spaces. Here’s a  quick  look at how the skills you picked up as a realtor will be a benefit to you as a Venture X franchisee.

#1. Finding the Right Space for Each Client

Just like realtors, Venture X franchisees need to listen to their clients in order to determine just the right workspace arrangement for their needs and budget. Just like property seekers, Venture X clients will have unique needs in terms of how often they’ll need to use the space, how much privacy they need, and how much they’d like to spend. As the franchise owner, you’ll get to know your clients and help to match them up with the best possible co-working space plan. This attention to the needs of clients is a well-developed skill among experienced realtors.

investment franchise opportunities for realtors venture x

#2. Finding the Best Possible Location

As a realtor, you likely have your finger on the pulse of your community. While Venture X is proud to help our franchisees to find the best possible location for their co-working space businesses, your knowledge of your community will help you to find the best location to reach the entrepreneurs and freelancers in your community. It’s important that Venture X locations be centrally located and easily accessible by car and public transit in order to attract the best number of clients. Realtors’ ability to scope out locations like this in their community is just another reason that Venture X has great investment franchise opportunities for realtors.

#3. Excellent Customer Service

For realtors, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Realtors know that happy customers are repeat customers, and the same is true for Venture X franchisees. Satisfied entrepreneurs are more likely to continue coming to work at Venture X, and experienced realtors understand how to give customers the individual attention they need in order to feel valued and at-home in their workspace. If customer satisfaction has been important to you in your career as a realtor, put those skills to use in a new career as a Venture X franchisee.

As you can see, Venture X has great investment franchise opportunities for realtors. Get in touch with us today to learn more about becoming a Venture X franchisee!

What Is a Co-Working Space and How Does it Work?

What is a co-working space, you ask? Simply put, a co-working space is a workspace that entrepreneurs, freelancers, corporate teams, and others can rent to use every day, week, or a few times a month. At Venture X, our co-working spaces stand apart because of their innovative design and flexible contracts. Learn more about co-working spaces and how they work below.

What is a Co-Working Space?

A co-working space is a communal workspace where clients can decide how much time they’d like to spend, and how much privacy they’d like to have. This flexibility is great for entrepreneurs and freelancers who don’t need to be in an office every day, but could use a dedicated workspace some of the time. At Venture X, our co-working spaces are beautifully designed with creativity and functionality in mind, making our locations a a far cry from the cubicles and office spaces of the past. Beautiful artwork, rich wood grain, and an open atmosphere make our spaces fun to work in! Our clients love being able to visit our in-house cafes to order coffee and pastries whenever they need a pick-me-up.

co-working space venturex

How Does it Work?

The beauty of our business model is that we offer flexible contracts to meet the needs of all kinds of professionals. First, they decide how often they need a workspace. Whether it’s weekly, monthly, or all the time, we have contract options available that can accommodate them. Next, they’ll decide what kind of workspace they’d like. Whether they’re comfortable working in a communal environment or need a private office, Venture X has a range of workspaces available to suit their needs. One of the benefits of this model is that many of our workspaces are constantly available- if someone only needs a space once week, that means it’s available for others to use six days of the week. You can capitalize on this rotating schedule by booking each of our workspaces to capacity. Having plenty of customers means that none of your spaces will stay empty for long.

This is just a basic look at what is a co-working space, and how they work. There are plenty of workers who take advantage of these spaces, and projections indicate that this population is growing. Help to accommodate the flexible needs of this next-generation workforce by offering them flexible workspaces that they’ll look forward to spending time in. Reach out to us today for more information on starting your own Venture X franchise!