3 Ways to Celebrate International Coworking Day

Member Appreciation Day

There are plenty of reasons coworking office spaces eagerly anticipate International Coworking Day on August 9th. The most important reason revolves around celebrating the success of their members. Thanks to coworking, the nature of work changes which is why the celebrations are warranted. Coworking office spaces must be creative. Appreciate the members and showing their value to the space is a great way to inspire loyalty and secure new memberships at the same time.

Catered Lunch

This is a simple yet extremely effective way for a coworking office space to celebrate International Coworking Day. Everyone loves a catered lunch. The best way to get a great lunch is for a coworking office space to make arrangements with a restaurant partner. These lunches bring coworkers together and the socializing sparks new ideas. However, the impetus behind the gesture is what matters. Coworkers enjoy a great lunch and they’re reminded why they joined in the first place.

Networking event at Venture X
Special Event

There are plenty of different things members love to do. Special events at the coworking office space foster a sense of community. This is especially important on International Coworking Day. Coworking, unlike traditional offices, relies on a sense of community to keep the space vibrant. Holding events at the space that tangentially relate to work help people develop deeper relationships. There are many ways to have events, so think creatively and find things members enjoy.

Membership Renewal Discounts

A great way to show appreciation for members is through discounts. Members know they’re appreciated when the coworking office space gives them a break on a renewal to celebrate International Coworking Day. The margins in a coworking office space allow for flexibility in these discounts. The key is rewarding existing members. Too many businesses focus on new clients to the detriment of their loyal, existing clients. These discounts let the existing members know they’re valued and serves to increase loyalty.

There are so many great ways to appreciate existing members and attract new members at Venture X. Learn more about the different ways to celebrate International Coworking Days with Venture X franchisees.

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