3 Qualities of a Great Coworking Receptionist

Venture X Denver reception areaThe receptionist at a coworking office space is one of the most important staffing decisions to make. This is the person who greets members and listens to their concerns. They’re the point of contact when members have trouble, answer phones, and make sure the coffee is always warm. More than that, receptionists are the representation of all the different facets of a coworking office space. They are the unique selling proposition making the coworking office space from something theoretical into something actionable.

Positive Disposition

It should go without saying, but a dour receptionist turns away prospective members. Instead, have a receptionist with a bright, can-do attitude. These are people interested in solving problems members may face. Furthermore, this disposition helps them work through complex customer service issues. For a member that’s upset, seeing a receptionist with a positive disposition softens them enough to develop a positive solution instead of acrimony.


A great receptionist must be able to do several things at once. These are people who understand how to keep something with many moving parts going. They need to know who’s coming in, and going out, what needs to be cleaned, if the kitchen needs restocking, and so much more. While doing this they must be able to answer the phone and handle those issues with aplomb too. Being a receptionist is hard work, but someone thriving when there are multiple balls in the air is the ideal candidate.

Emotional Intelligence

While this is the last of the three qualities it’s arguably the most important. A great receptionist leads with empathy, but they can understand the different emotions presented and how to effectively channel that energy. Emotional intelligence is the ability to relate to emotions and get the other person to a better space. The receptionist isn’t a counselor, rather they’re someone who recognizes a member may be upset and how to get that member to the right headspace via customer service protocol. Additionally, emotional intelligence also helps people look to celebrate. They bring everyone into the fold and make them feel welcome.

The best coworking office spaces always have the best receptionists. Visit a Venture X franchise and you’ll always see a smiling face ready to help coworking ambitions become reality.

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